Monday, October 2, 2023

How do you get over $7,000 in one year NOT working?
by Tawara Kellam
Tawra Kellam is the editor of Tawra and her husband paid off $20,000 debt in 5 years on $22,000 a year income.

Tawara Kellam

Many of us feel overwhelmed by debt and donít know how to start climbing out of it. For others it's a misconception that the more money you earn the easier it is to save. My husband and I paid off $20,000 of credit card debt and medical bills in 5 years on an average income of $22,000 a year.

Here is how you can save over $7,000 in just one year cutting a few things from your grocery bill. They are painless, simple and add up over time. If you don't think that cutting out one bag of potato chips or one soda will make a difference, look at the numbers at the end of a year. If youíre trying to save so you can stay home with your kids, put a down payment on a house, pay off some credit card debt or just have some emergency money, here are 10 ways to do it without depriving yourself . The total annual savings (in parentheses) will amaze you! You can start with these tips from

By eliminating: 

~One $2.00 bag of potato chips (You donít have to cut out all chips, just 1 bag) from your grocery bill each week you can save $104.00 per year.

~Cut a weekly box of $4.00 cereal and it puts $208 in your pocket each year.

~If you eat out one less time each week at $30 a meal, you can save $1,560 annually 

~Ordering one less delivered pizza at $20, can save you $1040 per year. 

~Daily gourmet coffee at $2.50 per cup ($910) 

~A daily liter of soda ($365) 

~Snack cakes ($455) 

~One less bottled water per day ($455) 

~One cup less juice per person in a family of four ($546) 

~3 lbs. less red meat a week ($390) 

~Bringing your lunch instead of buying save $4.00 a day or $1040 a year.

By themselves, these efforts may seem small--but they add up to over $7,000 in savings in just one year.

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