Monday, March 1, 2021

Calling banks for my 82-year-old mother

by Scott Bilker
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I help my 82-year-old mother pay many of her credit card bills. She’s scared to call the credit card companies, and I don’t want to be added as an authorized user or they will show up on my credit report. Is there a service that she can give a power of attorney to that will call the credit card companies on her behalf? Currently, she is NOT past due on any credit cards–but that will change if we can’t reduce these interest rates. Thanks!



I completely understand how your mother feels. Many people feel intimidated by their banks. That’s why I wrote Talk Your Way Out of Credit Card Debt. I wanted to empower everyone so they can take action to get a fair deal from their credit card banks.

In my books, I make many phone calls for family and friends. You can make calls for your mother without having to be an authorized user!

Here’s how to do it…

Dial the phone for your mother. When you speak to the rep, give them all her information, account number, etc. Then say that this is your mother’s account and she wants you to speak for her. Say, she’s right next to me so you can verify that she gives me permission to do so. Put your mother on the phone and the rep will make sure it’s her and verify that it’s her wish for you to talk about her account.

It’s that easy!

Good luck and please let me know how it goes.