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Helping a friend with debt Helping a friend with debt
by Scott Bilker
My best friend is having severe credit card debt problems after a period where he had to use the cards after being laid off and having difficulty finding work and also unexpected medical bills that accumulated during his time off work. He has a balance hovering around $33,000.00. Using your suggestions I have helped him get reduced (temporary) finance charge percentages and have transferred some of the debt to lower interest cards (thanks to you!). The problem is, while he is currently able to make the monthly payments he is BARELY able to do so. Should he seek credit counseling or debt reduction?
Living above my means for years--what now? Living above my means for years--what now?
by Scott Bilker
I've been living above my means for years, using credit cards to pay for the difference from what I make and what I spend. I can't be denial much longer as the cards are getting to their max. I currently don’t' have any past due payments since I still use the credit cards to offset what I can't pay. What do you recommend I do?
You Cannot Afford To Say, You Cannot Afford To Say, "I Can't Afford It"
by Michael Angier
Every week I get emails from people thanking me for all the great stuff we send their way. But many of them also apologize for not buying some of our other products or the products and services we very selectively recommend to them. They say things like, "I have no money," "I'm broke," "I'm poor," or "I can't afford it." Every time these or similar words are uttered, we're telling ourselves that it's true. We are reinforcing this false belief.
Financial Independence Financial Independence
by Michael Angier
Financial independence, by its very definition, means to not be dependent on anyone or anything for our financial needs. That requires being free from debt. When asked what they would do if they won the lottery, most people say they would pay off their debts. Just imagine what it would be like not to owe any money?
Cha-Ching! Tips for a Successful Day of Yard Sale Shopping Cha-Ching! Tips for a Successful Day of Yard Sale Shopping
by Nancy Twigg
For those of you who truly want to save money on your family's expenses, yard sale shopping is a great way to find gently-used clothes, toys and household items for pennies on the dollar. Here are some tips for making your yard sale shopping trip as fun and profitable as possible.
Get motivated to get out of debt Get motivated to get out of debt
by Barry W. Wainwright
So there you sit most likely all stressed out and worried because you have a lot of debt. Well, you don't have to be if only you would get busy and motivate yourself to rid yourself of some debt. Believe me, its easier than you think and not all that hard. And, I can now speak from experience and I would like to share some of my financial trade secrets and ideas to you.
Get rich quick by auto-surfing leaves my friend in the red Get rich quick by auto-surfing leaves my friend in the red
by Denise R. Troy
Having grown up surrounded by extended family, I spent many a Sunday dinner listening to my grandmother recount stories about her life in which hackneyed expressions such as "look before you leap" and "if it's too good to be true, it probably is" were the moral lessons of that day. Some may say these seemingly trite expressions should be dismissed as old-fashioned.
Yard Sale Etiquette Yard Sale Etiquette
by Nancy Twigg
Just call me the Miss Manners of garage sales. You see, I believe there's a certain moral and ethical code governing the sacred act of selling and buying secondhand stuff. Contrary to popular belief, a yard sale is not an anything-goes, no-etiquette-needed free-for-all. As in any social situation, there are certain things you do or avoid doing in order to be polite.
How To Telecommute Successfully How To Telecommute Successfully
by Kelly Land
Telecommuting is becoming more and more popular these days. Why? Because our technology enables us to do almost anything from a home office. Virtual meetings can be held via the Internet with a web camera and finished work can be sent by e-mail. We waste a lot of time and energy just getting to and from work.
How I Made an Easy $1,800 Profit with My Credit Cards How I Made an Easy $1,800 Profit with My Credit Cards
by Scott Bilker
Hi Scott, I recently heard you on NPR radio 90.9 FM WBUR from Boston. I was interested in how you borrowed from your credit card at a low interest rate and then invested it in a CD and earned about $1800. Which of your books covers that interesting topic? I'd like to know more! Thanks, Leo
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