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Thursday, August 18, 2022   
Articles written by Richard Crammer
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Consumer Spending Quiz Consumer Spending Quiz
by Richard Crammer
Have you ever wondered if what you spend on food is higher than the average family? How about how much you spend on housing, clothing, or entertainment? The Bureau of Labor Statistics annually reports the spending habits of consumers in the US. Most of the answers from this quiz were taken from this report. So, if you are curious about how much you spend compared to the national average take the quiz.
Home Equity Scams Quiz Home Equity Scams Quiz
by Richard Crammer
While many subprime lenders are reputable, some unscrupulous subprime lenders make costly home-secured loans to consumers who are unable to repay them, subjecting such consumers to refinancing with additional high or unfair fees and charges and possible loss of their homes through foreclosure or forcing an undesired sale. Take the quiz to test your knowledge of Home-Equity Scams.
Credit Repair and Reporting Quiz Credit Repair and Reporting Quiz
by Richard Crammer
Credit Repair Scams abound today. Every time you turn on the TV or read a newspaper it seems that someone is promising to improve your credit rating. Take this quiz to improve your awareness of credit repair scams, and don't get ripped off.
Thanksgiving Quiz Thanksgiving Quiz
by Richard Crammer
Test your knowledge of this favorite American holiday!
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