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Thursday, April 2, 2020  
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Ethics Ethics
From Wiki–Ethics, also known as moral philosophy, is a branch of philosophy that addresses questions about morality–that is, concepts such as good and evil, right and wrong, virtue and vice, justice and crime, etc. We will talk about this from a financial perspective.
Financial Planning Financial Planning
If you fail to plan; you plan to fail. Planning is everything. The better your plan; the more likely you will succeed.
Free Content Library Free Content Library
These stories are available for you to reprint or post online for free as long as you follow the usage guidelines, which means including the author byline with all links. Author photo is optional, but recommended.
Getting Organized Getting Organized
You must be organized before you can create your financial plan or manage your debt. You have to know what your owe, how much you make, and have that information at your finger tips either electronically or on paper. Find out how to best accomplish this sometimes daunting task.
Helping Friends Helping Friends
Everyone has that friend who needs help with their debt. Maybe they won’t listen but probably it’s because the information hasn’t been presented to them in a manner they embrace. You can make a difference in their life.
Household Math Household Math
The banks win many times because they trick consumers with math. You can easily learn how to thwart their efforts to confuse us by studying these important problems.
Identity Theft Identity Theft
People have their personal information stolen every day. Learn what you can do to protect yourself against today’s high-tech criminals.
Inspirational Inspirational
“Some people dream of success while other wake up and work hard at it.” Start your day with stories that will inspire you to work hard at your dreams.
Insurance Insurance
Life, home, health, auto, and more. If you need to protect your finances then you need insurance. You just don’t need to be gouged to get it!
Interest Rates Interest Rates
The true cost for you debt is the interest rate. Control your interest rates and you will control your financial destiny.
Legal Legal
How can the law protect you? What are your rights? There are many laws about credit and debt. Different laws for credit cards and debit cards. You have to have a basic understanding of your legal rights.
Math and Money Math and Money
Your financial success depends greatly on your knowledge of math! This is the what you need to know right now.
Media Kit Media Kit
Read more about DebtSmart.com and founder Scott Bilker. Listen to radio interview and watch TV interviews.
Minimum Payments Minimum Payments
It’s always tempting to send in the minimum payment. We all know that it will stretch out the repayment time and increase your interest payment but what can you do about it?
Mortgages Mortgages
Everything about finding mortgage to comparing refinancing options. Your home is the largest purchase of your life and the most expensive in it’s borrowing cost. Save money here and you win in the long run!
Paycheck Paycheck
Show me the money! We all want that paycheck. The only trick is–how to make it get bigger!
Personal Stories Personal Stories
Chicken soup for the the financial soul. Read what other people have to say about their financial situations.
Politics Politics
Learn about the people and issues that affect your pocketbook!
Press Releases Press Releases
What’s going on the credit and debt? Get the latest information about DebtSmart.com.
Protecting Your Money Protecting Your Money
This is a full-time job. You have to keep what you have and protect your future earnings. Start by reading these articles now.


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